Vow Renewal

Maybe you’re celebrating 10, 25 or 50 years as a couple.

Maybe you’ve simply been married just a short time but changes in your life have meant you’d like to say ‘I do’ once more.

Maybe you got married abroard and want an opportunity for your friends and family back home to participate in your celebrations.

A Renewal of Vows could be the perfect occasion for this.  A time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to your future together as partners for life or husband and wife.

It’s an opportunity to re-declare your love for one another in front of your family and friends where you might repeat the same vows you originally had in your wedding ceremony or perhaps  use totally new words to express your love.

Your ceremony can take place anywhere; your home, a pub, a place that has special significance for you, even the beach!  It can be the perfect precursor to a party or other celebration.

I will work with you to ensure your ceremony is tailored to you and reflects your shared history and future together.

Please contact me so I can help you to create the perfect celebration.

Please remember

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are not legally binding.  It’s a blessing of the vows you took previously, and a celebration and recognition of the love you have for each other.